Community Organisation

ICOR offers its services to various groups involved in community organization as different levels to build up local capabilities and enthuse people to become resources for their own betterment, leading to social transformation. These include national, church related and non-denominational organizations, as well as NGOs and academic institutions, The approach is participatory, embracing the total operation and involvement of the organizations with which ICOR interacts.

Issue-based Intervention

  • Following the Mumbai riots, ICOR together with JPC held a Shanti Sammelan to promote communal harmony. A campaign was also launched urging children to participate in the peace process by sending letters to the Prime Minister requesting him to ensure a better future for them through appropriate peace building actions. Later, a Peace Kit was published for use by community animators
  • Again, in the wake of the Gujarat carnage, ICOR joined hands with FSD to train animators to facilitate group discussions and action on various issued that threaten to disrupt communal peace and harmony
  • ICOR has been in the forefront on the issue of privatization of water in the city of Mumbai. Along with its network partners the institute has initiated seminars and rallies to raise awareness and to address the concerns of the general public

Community Building

Capacity building workshops for the staff of member centres of FCCO are periodically conducted. Also, awareness programmes are organized for activists, social workers, paraprofessionals and community workers on issues such as:

  • Ecology and development
  • Climate change and its impacts
  • Good governance
  • National integration
  • Water: crisis and the politics behind privatization
  • Conflict transformation
  • Societal analysis
  • Slum demolition
  • Violence against women
  • Legal literacy
  • Right to Information Act
  • Waste management