Joint Efforts

ICOR collaborates with various groups interested and involved in people's movements at different levels. The institute supports building of local capabilities so that peopler become resources for their own betterment, leading to socal transformation. The institute also assists in planning and conducting programmes and activities with its network partners.

Bhoomi Hakk Andolan Samiti: When the Maharashtra State Farming Cooperative destroyed tribal homes in the villages of Puntamba, district Ahmednagar, a fact-finding mission and solidarity with the tribals' was initiated with Hotline-Mumbai.

Public Health Care: Collaborated in a National Human Rights Commission review on denial of access to health care to the urban poor.

Privatisation of Water Supply: Participated actively in the struggle of the people in the protests against privatisation of water supply in K-East Ward, Mumbai by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

Ecology Concerns: Assisted INECC in their efforts to highlight eco-reginal issues of climate change and sustainable communities during the COP8 convention in Delhi in 2002.

Peace in South Asia: As a member of Peace Mumbai, organised and conducted worlshops highlighting trade and geopolitical issues in the light of peace and stability in South Asia during the 'South Asian Conference on Peace and Justice in South Asia' heald March 2006 in Mumbai.

International Peace Festival: Participated in a festival organised by forum for Justice and Peace to focus on using local cultures to provoke thoght and to celebrated unity in diversity.

Pease in the Family: Collaborated in the Campaign for Violence Free Families launched by the Archdiocesan Women's Desk and Family Commission to hightlight the menace of domestic violence, and to promote peace in the family and society.

Global Vision: Two papers, Alternative Movements in India and the Civil Society, and Social Movements in India and Expectations from the World Social Forum were presented at the conference, 'The New Global Vision', organised by the Regional Government of Tuscany in Italy in preparation for the World Social Forum.

World Social Forum: Networked with other agencies to manage logistics and mobilisation, organise workshops, awarness campaigns, and social audit of the forum process.

Asian Social Forum: Orgnised a workshop on 'Sustainable Agriculture and Peoples' Experinces'; also made a presentation on 'Food Security abd Women's Concerns'.

Civil Society Intiatives: A national consultation on the United Nations system and civil society initiatives was organized in 2005 along with INECC, JPC and VAK. The focus was climate change and privatisation of water.