Recent Events

Sessions/ Seminars / Conferences / Programmes

  • Session for Staff of Community Centres

    ICOR, along with the Justice and Peace Commission, organised a program on 19 July 2018 for staff of the community centres that are part of the Federation of Centres for Community Organisation (FCCO). The program, attended by forty people from seventeen community centres, aimed to combat the growing intolerance and indifference in our societies by giving participants inputs on respect and active citizenship.

  • Meeting to Discuss Problems of Coastal and Creek Water Pollution

    ICOR, along with other organisations, held a meeting of coastal residents, scientists/technical experts and environmental groups and activists to discuss the problem of increasing pollution of coastal and creek waters in the city on 17 February 2018 at Dadar. Participants suggested several actions to create awareness about these problems among the people and put pressure on the government and the municipality to act on the problems.

  • Participation in Conference on Climate Change Impacts on Women

    The Archdiocesan Office for Environment in collaboration with Women’s Commission of the Archdiocese of Bombay organised two one-day Conferences on “Climate Change Impacts on Women” on 29th and 30th April 2017 in Thane and Dadar. ICOR staff made a presentation on 'Good Waste Management Practices in Mumbai' both days.

  • ICOR-AOE Green Competition for Schools - Award Ceremony

    In an effort to create greater awareness about the need to adopt sound environmental practices among students and teachers, and to provide an incentive for schools to go green, ICOR and the Archdiocesan Office for Environment (AOE) had organised a competition in 2016. The participating schools were assessed on various criteria during December 2016 and their best practices were recognised during the Award Ceremony on 28th January 2017.

  • Meeting on Sanitation and Sewage Management Problems in Mumbai

    ICOR held a half-day meeting on "Sanitation and Sewage Management Problems in Mumbai" on 10 December 2016 at Dadar, as a follow-up of ICOR's preliminary study on coastal pollution and sewage management practices in Mumbai. The meeting had fifty participants, comprising community organisations, NGOs, citizens' groups, environmentalists, municipal officials and college students.

  • Seminar on the Universe of Integral Eco-Education

    ICOR in collaboration with the Archdiocesan Office for Environment, GreenLine, Justice and Peace Commission, and the Department of Inter-Religious Studies - St Xavier's College held a seminar "The Universe of Integral Eco-Education" on 24 November 2016 in Matunga. Fifty three participants attended the seminar, which aimed to create awareness of humanity's common origin, thus enabling participants to engage the path of renewal and develop new convictions, attitudes and forms of life.