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Research Projects

The goal of ICOR is to come up with a body of knowledge indigenous to India and its culture such that it will lead to the empowering of grassroots workers, NGOs and CBOs. In fact, since its establishment, ICOR has been associated with a number of organizations in their research efforts, in executing field studies, and collection, collation and analysis of official statistics. These include national, church-related and non-denominational organizations, as well as academic institutions and individual researchers.

A Study on Volunteerism: Commissioned by SOSVA, the study explored the opportunities available for volunteer work, and the possibilities for growth and sustenance of volunteerism.

NGOs in Mumbai: An analysis of the activities of NGOs in Mumbai under three major categories: research and documentation; advocacy and campaigning; action-oriented.

Community Centres: An evaluation of the working pf same centres for community organization centre has been conducted: Chuim Community Centre, Prayatna, Daya Sadan, Asha Kiran and Krupa Nivas.

National Domestic Workers Movement: The evaluation of the work, Strategies, and possible sustainability of the movement was commissioned by NDWM and their funding agency Broaderlijk Delen.

A Sustainable Mumbai: A study on developing indicators for a sustainable Mumbai was conducted in collaboration with the postgraduate students of SNDT University.

Impact of Globalisation on the Community: A study of the problems faced by the urban poor in the light of globalization and structural adjustment policies.

Evaluation of JPDC: Assisted Justice, Peace & Development Commission, Delhi, in an evaluation of its work and presence in the northeast, west, MP and Chattisgarh regions.

CRS-Boarding Schools: Catholic Relief Services (CRF) provides funding to boarding schools for underprivileged children through their Other Child Feeding programme. A sample study of the schools in Nashik, Nagpur, Khanvel and Pune was conducted to evaluate the success of the programme.

Water Aid Citizen?s Action: South Asia Collaborated in a review of the work done by the NGO in the water and sanitation sector in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

Research & Publications

  • Green Audit Report - Poona Diocesan Corporation Bishop's House Campus (2016) by Ms. Deepika Singh
  • ICOR Activity Report October 2015 to September 2016
  • Laudato Si’ - Inter faith Kit (2016)
  • Climate Change, Coastal Ecology and Fisheries in Maharashtra - Conference Report (2015)
  • Green Audit Report - St Andrew's College, Bandra (2015) by Ms. Deepika Singh
  • Social Out Reach Program (SOP) - St Andrew's College, Bandra- Documentation 2008 - 2014 by Ms. Deepika Singh
  • Green Audit Report - Nirmala Niketan, Churchgate (2014) by Ms. Deepika Singh
  • Industrial Green House Gases Emissions in Maharashtra - Project Report (2014)
  • Urban Rainbows - A Selection of Green Practices in the Archdiocese of Bombay
  • FABC Papers - Climate Change, Asian Impacts and Response (215 KB)
  • Report of Round-table Discussion on Promoting Decentralised Waste Management in Mumbai (908 KB)
  • Climate Change and an Approach to Water (283 KB)
  • GO GREEN - A Handbook on Conservation of Natural Resources (7.94 MB)
  • Tapping Energy, Tackling Climate Change - Towards Community-based Waste Management (18.5 MB)
  • Solid Waste Management - An updated Guide (12.1 MB)
  • Nutritional and Health Status of Fishing Communities in the Uttan-Gorai area with Special Emphasis on Women (4.83 MB)
  • Vulnerabilities of Fishing Communities to Ecological and Climate Changes (A pilot study in Dharavi Bet in Mumbai) by K. Prabhakar Nair - 2011 (959 KB)
  • Nutritional and Health Status of Fishing Communities in the Uttan-Gorai Area with Special Emphasis on Women by Deepika Singh - 2011
  • A Guid for Solid Waste Management by Sahaya Rani A. & Elizabeth Thekkekara - Students (Interns) from Loyola College of Social Work, Chennai - 2010
  • Education for Transformation: Towards More Appropriate Education by Noel D’Silva. A handbook for the implementation of MAP based on non-formal methodologies, published by DRTC & ICOR. Price: Rs.30
  • The Great Mumbai Deluge - a compilation of news reports about the July 26, 2005 floods in Mumbai, published by DRTC and ICOR
  • Humanity Today, published by Human Rights Watch Cell of DRTC & ICOR
  • Consultation on the UN System and Civil Society Initiatives - A Dossier, compiled by INECC, ICOR, JPC & VAK
  • Consultation on the UN System and Civil Society Initiatives - A Report. This consultation was organised by INECC, ICOR, JPC & VAK
  • WTO - Free or Fair Trade, a handbook published by DRTC, JPC & ICOR in collaboration with Hotline-Asia (ACPP, Hong Kong). Price: Rs.30
  • Evaluation of Krupa Nivas, Korlai - Sisters of Helpes of Mary (1973-2004) by Leni and Rajesh Almeida
  • Evaluation of Asha Kiran Community Centre, Santacruz (1993-2003) on the occasion of Tenth Anniversary (A report) by Leni
  • Evaluation of National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM) by Leni (A report)
  • Consultation on The United Nations System and Civil Society Initiatives - A Dossier, compiled by INECC, ICOR, JPC & VAK - 2005
  • Social Analysis for Social Transformation by Yvon Ambroise - 1999
  • Findings of the Research on Savings and Credit Programmes in 18 Social Service Societies in Tamil Nadu - 1999
  • Towards an Understanding of Gloablization by P. Ramachandran - 1998
  • Proceedings of Rural Seminar on Globalization by Jankalyan Bahuuddeshiy Shikshan Prasark Manda, Mukhed Dt. Nanded in collaboration with Institute for Community Organisation Research - 1988
  • Credit Facilities in Tamil Nadu by P. Ramachandran, M.A. Coutinho - 1998
  • Born to Die: Female Infanticide in Usilampatti Taluk, Tamil Nadu by Ms. Vasanthi - 1998
  • Evaluaton of ICOR by Dr. Rudolf C. Heredia and Allwyn D’Silva - 1996
  • ICOR Reflections: On its research studies from 1990-1994 by P. Ramachandran, M.A. Coutinho - 1996
  • The Bhoomi Sena: Evolution of People’s Organisation by by P. Ramachandran, M.A. Coutinho - 1996
  • Communication Dynamics in Participatory Human Development by Rev.Raymond Ambroise, P. Ramachandran, M.A. Coutinho - 1996
  • Towards an Understanding of Peoples Movements: History from Below by by P. Ramachandran, M.A. Coutinho - 1996
  • Fishworkers Movement in Kerala by C.M. Abraham - 1996
  • Jagruti Kendra - Ruminating on Five Years Performance: 1989-94 by P. Ramachandran, M.A. Coutinho, Allwyn D’Silva, Sr. Seema (Joint report of ICOR & Jaguti Kendra - 1995
  • Survey Research of Social Work: A Primer by P. Ramachandran, 1993
  • Towards Integrated Human Development by P. Ramachandran, M.A. Coutinho - 1990

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